IT Strategic Planning Built for Government.

Our IT strategic planning framework and services were developed from the ground up for government. We build a strategy that will not sit on the shelf.

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 IT Strategy Services


We have an innovative approach that streamlines the IT strategic planning process.


We don’t disappear once the plan is complete. We monitor progress and help keep you on track.


We have the knowledge, skills, and relationships to turn your strategies into reality.

Planning Services Overview

Our IT strategic planning is based on years of experience in government and tailored to your organization’s size and existing planning efforts.

Planning Framework

We developed our IT strategic planning framework so that we can build highly personalized strategic plans in an efficient, effective, and measurable way.

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We developed our planning framework to scale up or down to your organization’s unique needs and budget.


Our facilitators understand the government technology and are able to build a plan customized to your organization’s unique challenges.

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Execution Services Overview

We help you execute on your IT strategic plan by monitoring your progress, conducting regular status meetings, and adapt to changes in priorities and technology.


Regular Reviews

We conduct regular meetings to review and update your strategy.

Reminders & Notifications

We setup regular reminders on key milestones and important dates.

Tracking Platform

We provide a platform for tracking and communicating your strategy. 

Support Services Overview

We know that execution can be difficult, and we are here to help. We can answer technical questions, provide training, assist in product selection/procurement, and connect you with industry leading partners.

AI Assistants

Custom AI chat bots trained by experts on government leadership roles that can answer your questions in real-time.

Expertise as a Service

Technology experts that are available to answer questions, perform research, review documents, and make recommendations.

Professional Services

Get remote or in-person support to help expedite the attainment of your strategic objectives.

Partner Network

Our extensive partner network for both products and services can solve any IT challenge your organizatin is facing.

Ready to turn your IT Strategy into Reality?