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Organizational Structure in government is fairly black and white. Most organizations follow a similar organizational structure with minor tweaks to fit their size and responsibilities. I recently brought this topic into buy dissertation on customessaywriter.org titled writing a dissertation. The post received a ton of interest and was shared nearly 400 times.

The feedback on the post was everywhere from good idea to that is the worst thing I have ever heard. Here are a few comments that came out of it:

Holacracy in Government CommentsHolacracy in Government Comments

I am glad to see such a wide perspective on the topic. However, I do believe some of the criticism was not warranted. Since twitter does not provide a way to share larger responses I have drafted a follow-up blog post addressing some of the common criticisms shared. You can find this post on our blog title “Is the Criticism of Holacracy in Government Warranted?

Holacracy is obviously a big change and understanding the full implications will not be realized through discussion. However, I think organizational structure in general is something that should be looked at. By examining the nearly polar opposite structure of Holacracy we can begin to see what works and what doesn’t. I believe Holacracy (or a similar system) does have a place in government but to what level that is still yet to be seen. With that being said I would love to hear from others.

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