AI Assistants Built to Support Government.

Our AI chat bots modeled after city leadership roles are now available on the OpenAI’s GPT Store to help advise on the unique challenges that your organization is facing.

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Our AI Assistants

Expertly Trained

The AI Assistants have been trained by experts in the industry on the specific position that they have been assigned.

Proprietary Reference Data

The AI Assistants have access to public and proprietary data to assist in providing helpful and accurate responses.

Continuously Updated

The AI Assistants are continuously evaluated for improvement as new information becomes available and feedback is gathered.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Empowering city governments with an AI Chief Information Officer chat bot.

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Empowering city governments with an AI Chief Innovation Officer chat bot.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Empowering city governments with a Chief Information Security Officer chat bot.

City Attorney

Empowering government employees with an AI City Attorney chat bot.

*AI Assistants currently require a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise subscription.

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